Who We Are

The SBE Supportive Service Center, a shared initiative between the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. The University administers the (Small Business Enterprise) Supportive Service Program of Pennsylvania.

SBE Team

Dominique Smiley
Dominique Smiley
Project Assistant - DB & SBE Supportive Services Centers

Phone: 610-399-2473
Email: dsmiley@cheyney.edu

Mark Corbin
Mark Corbin
Director - SBE Supportive Services Center

Phone: 610-399-2178
Email: mcorbin@cheyney.edu

Cynthia Moultrie
Cynthia Moultrie
Director - DBE Supportive Services Center

Phone: 610-399-2131
Email: cmoultrie@cheyney.edu

SBE Workshops/Trainings

How to Create a Team that Operates at Optimal Efficiency
10 Questions with the Professional Facilitator: Lois Bradley, The Bradley Partnerships, Inc.
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Millennials Workforce Impact
Facilitator: Alexia Azogu, Milestone Pros, LLC
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Growing Your Business – Scaling Up
Cheryl-Beth Kuchler, CEO Think Tank
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