Penis enlargement approaches

With the many men who are getting more and more concern about having a longer and bigger penis, the manufacturers of such products have gained so much popularity in the market. You wouldn’t even believe how many men have been using the Internet in order to look for different types of solution for their dilemma. There are just so many of them out there making it hard to choose which one is the right and effective solution for their needs.

Extracts and Pills

You might have received one or more spam emails about different types of penis enlargement pills and extracts. All of the advertisements are giving the same promise, that you will have long and bigger penis. One thing that you have to take note though is that none of them have medical data to back up their claims of effectiveness.

Researches have shown that most of the effects that these extract and penis enlargement pills are just psychological. If you will have your penis tested, you will see that using of those products did not give you any of the length or size that it promises. What it actually gives their user is more on the feeling of satisfaction which is just mere psychological effect.

Pumps and other devices

One of the most common devices being used for penis enlargement is the vacuum. This is what most people are getting as a recommendation for issues concerning impotence. They are also considered as devices for penis enlargement because of the effect that they give in regard to the size of the penis wherein it can be increased although that effect is only temporary since it wears off over time.

Since this device involves blood vessels because what the device does it sucking the air out of the penis, there are many side effects that are being associated with the use of this product. The rupturing of the blood vessel may result to some type of unbearable pain as well as swelling of the penis. The effect of this device in relation to erection of the penis only lasts for about 24 hours, thus, there is a need to repeat the process over and over again which can therefore add to more risks.

Different types of exercises

You may have read about the different types of exercises that are said to aid in the enlargement of the penis which promises to provide its users a longer and bigger penis. Truth of the matter is, since penis does not contain any muscle, exercises just won’t do the trick, in case that there is, it is only a temporary effect.


Undergoing surgery is the only way which is said to give permanent effects to the penis. Although this is the case, there are still a lot of men who would not dare choose this method. They would rather buy the different pills and devices or perform the different exercises since they are deemed to be safer than undergoing a surgery regardless if it will be performed by a licensed doctor.